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Online Marketing

Orlando PPC Management

PPC OrlandoPPC (also known as pay per click) is an internet marketing model where publishers charge advertisers a fixed or variable price for every click that is directed to the advertiser’s web property. This model is used by some of the largest search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and other online media outlets. The biggest difference between this type of online marketing style and others is that the advertiser is only charged when a SE (search engine) user clicks on an ad. The more popular a keyword is, the higher the price per click (as determined by a keyword auction). With the correct goals in place, it is a very cost-effective and scalable advertising model that can be used to quickly target an audience which will lead to brand awareness, exposure, leads, and sales.

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Each search engine has its own proprietary software (Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, etc.) that is used to give advertisers the ability to create ads and bid on keywords. In the beginning it was easy, enter your keyword list and your ads would come up for those particular keywords and keyword phrases, done. There was one way to do it and it was relatively easy. Now, the number of options available and the control that is given to each advertiser can be overwhelming. This is where a pay-per-click management consultant can be of help.

PPC management is not “Set it and forget it”. It requires constant attention to deliver optimal results. If your current pay-per-click management company does not revisit your PPC campaigns daily, it might be time to find a new one.

Our Google and Bing Certified approach offers a variety of Orlando PPC Services that take the guess work out of setting up an online campaign. Our team of PPC experts will determine your conversion goals and then tailor specific keywords and landing pages to ensure you pay the least amount per click. The setup process doesn’t end there. We re-visit the campaign. We test, test, and test again until we find the best combination of keywords, ads, and landing pages that allow for the best results. We then revisit the campaign, add negative keywords, and then test some more. It is a constant process that requires daily attention.

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If you need help with the setup of your pay per click campaign in Orlando, FL or anywhere else in the USA, please give us a call at (407) 998-5593. Our Orlando PPC management experts can get a quality campaign setup quickly and give you the scalable results that are needed to grow your business.