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Common SEO Mistakes and Misconceptions

By Arian Howard
SEO is not a hit it and forget it proposition. Avoid common mistakes made by many, regarding your website’s visibility. read more»

Questions to Ask a Potential SEO Service

By Bob Gilmour
To help you choose the right SEO company for the job. read more»

The Importance of Internet Visibility

By Bob Gilmour
Search Engines are now the most commonly used method for finding a product service. read more»

Emerging Search Engine Technology

By Bob Gilmour
The advancing technologies in Search Engines algorithms have SEO professionals again taking notice. read more»

The Key to Internet Visibility

By Bob Gilmour
Is your website a convenient placeholder for information regarding your company, or is it an integral part of your business plan for sales and continued growth? . read more»

The Job of a Search Engine Optimization Professional

By Bob Gilmour
Businesses who seek to improve their bottom dollar through increased visibility on the internet generally understand the end result of the work of a Search Engine Optimization expert. read more»

SEO Definitions

By Bob Gilmour
Do you get lost discussing Search Engine Optimization with your SEO Professional because he or she explains the work effort using terms that you don’t understand? If so, have a look below at the most common terms your SEO nerd might use and hopefully learn a little about the SEO process for yourself! read more»

Establishing a Relationship with the Search Engines

by Bob Gilmour
SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of understanding all of the elements that each of the different search engines look for when indexing the world wide web, and making certain that those elements are presented correctly on their client’s website. This work, when done properly establishes a relationship between your website and the search engines. read more»

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