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Common SEO Mistakes

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is king when it comes to internet visibility. Since its birth in the early 90’s, people have been relying on search engines to do their dirty work while they surf the net. Today, more people than ever have turned to search engines to find what they are looking for. It was recently reported that Google logs about 300 million searches a day. Because of the popularity of search engines, entire industries have implemented SEO techniques that have boosted their position in a search engine. SEO has never been more important; however several website owners around the web don’t seem to realize its importance. A website that is not search engine friendly could be detrimental to where a website ranks on a search. Many web designers make silly SEO mistakes when developing websites.

Here are some common SEO mistakes:

Not Targeting Your Local Demographic

As an Orlando SEO and Web Site Design Firm, we understand the importance of targeting your demographic locally. Over 70% of people turn first to their favorite search engine when looking for a local product or service.

Not involving SEO in every aspect of developing a site

Search Engine Optimization should be a part of every phase of a Website Development. It is a common misconception that SEO is a process that occurs after a website is built. Every design aspect of a website has the possibility of affecting how high a website ranks in a search engine. A simple design change could be the difference between being on the first page of a search or not found at all.

Little or no Research
Research is key when it comes to SEO. Few people understand the amount of research that goes into a properly optimized website. Every key phrase must be properly researched in order to determine its value to your business. A restaurant with the key phrase including their city might bring in a higher result then one without. The only way to find the answer is to research.

Overusing Keywords
During the early 90’s overusing key phrases was a technique that could boost a websites page rank virtually overnight. Times have changed and search engines are getting smarter. Overusing key phrases today could cripple your website’s visibility.

Bad link building
While building links can be considered to be the best method of SEO, a website with the most back links doesn’t always get the highest rank. Search engines are looking at the quality of a link not quantity. A quality link would be one from a reliable source that has excellent content and is well respected by the search engine.

Not Understanding your Target Demographic(s)
When indexing a page, a search engine is able to read through HTML quite easily. Rich Media like Adobe Flash is a different story. Search engines have trouble indexing rich media that is not properly optimized. Rich media that is not optimized could cost a website several spots in the results pages.

Unrealistic key phrase selection
A local sporting store in Orlando is not going to be competitive using the key phrase “Basketball”. Instead it might be wise to target a less competitive phrase like “sporting goods in Orlando”. There are way too many sporting stores out there that have a stronger stake in the search engine.

Stopping SEO after the site is finished
Search Engine Optimization does not end with the development of the website. The trust assigned to a website by the search engines is volatile. With search engines changing their algorithms on a regular basis and competitors changing their content, the status of a page’s rank will never stay the same. Constant SEO attention is often needed for a website to stay competitive.

The convenience of the search has brought a new way for people to competitively market their product. In the hands of professional, proper SEO techniques with good judgment could bring a new wave of traffic to a website, but in the hands of the wrong person, could wipe a website off the Search engine maps forever. It have become clear that if a website is going to provide a source or revenue to your business, SEO is essential.