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The Importance of Internet Visibility

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Web Solutions of America offers Internet marketing services to its client’s whose goal is to build or strengthen their online presence, making them more visible on internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

How important is this in today’s marketplace? In a word, very.

Until recently Search Engine Marketing Professionals have had to rely on data gathered from the results of their efforts. Statistics that showed an increase in traffic, or actual sales from the website were all we had. But as internet usage continues to grow, some very reputable research groups have published some revealing data regarding the search habits of internet users.

Nielson Net Ratings and WebVisible conducted a comprehensive study to accurately measure US consumers’ online behavior. In their most recent study, 2000 US consumers were randomly selected to participate in an internet user study and the results show clearly that having an online presence will result in increased sales.

Survey participants were asked to list the advertising mediums they used most often. They were allowed to list more than one, with their favorite search method listed first. Internet Search Engines topped the list at 74%, followed by Printed Yellow Pages 65%, Internet Yellow Pages 50%, Newspapers 44%, Print White Pages 33%, Television 29%, Consumer Review Websites 18%.

Conclusion: Internet Search Engines are the number 1 resource for finding needed products or services.

Jupiter Research a Connecticut based research and marketing firm performed a survey asking 1000 people: At what point do you abandon your search and try another search term, or search engine?

49% only looked at the first page of results
28% continued on to the second page
15% looked at page 3
9% continued past page 3 of the search results

Conclusion: If you are not on the first or second page of the search engines results pages, 77% of people who are looking for your products or services will not find you.

Penn State University analyzed nearly half a million search queries to (a meta search engine) in a 24 hour period. Here’s a summary of their findings

54% of all users viewed only one page of search results
55% of search engine users checked only one result per page
42% of searchers tend to visit only the three top search results
70% of internet users searching for a product or service on Google, found the organic or natural listings to be more relevant than the paid listings.

Conclusion: Having a website included in the index of the search engines is not enough. You must be on the first or second page of the natural search results or your potential clients are going to your biggest competitors.

At Web Solutions of America, an Orlando Web Design Firm we understand first-hand the importance of a strong Google Position.