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The Job of a Search Engine Optimization Professional

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Businesses who seek to improve their bottom dollar through increased visibility on the internet generally understand the end result of the work of a Search Engine Optimization expert. Over time, the work effort becomes even more clear when a client sees that when a word or a combination of words is searched on the internet relative to their business, their name will appear higher on the resulting list than before the work started thus, increasing internet traffic and ultimately opportunities for sales for their business.

As a 12 year veteran of Search Engine Optimization, I have answered myriad questions posed from business owners and their managers regarding my services. What makes this question difficult to answer in article form is the fact that each website is unique, and there are numerous strategies that may be deployed depending on the particular industry or website that requires the work.

This article is an attempt to answer the most common questions regarding SEO.

Question: Are most of the changes you want to make to my site to the code, or will there be changes that are visible to visitors to my site as well?

Answer: Initially most of the work performed on the website will be to the titles of the individual pages, to the descriptions, and to the presentation of keywords to the search engines. Any changes that are visible to the visitor of the website will be approved by the client before they are implemented.

Question: How do you know what my keywords are?

Answer: Your keywords are discovered and researched using industry software, online resources and competitor analysis. Comprehensive keyword research is among the most important jobs of an SEO Professional. However the document created listing your keywords is ever changing. Keywords may be added or subtracted based on the time of year, current events, competitor movement, or other influences. Understanding that keyword discovery is an ongoing process is important to both the SEO professional and their clients.

Question: How many Keywords will you optimize my website for?

Answer: At least 10-15, and in some cases more. Although asking every search engine to rank your home page for 15 keywords on the top of the SERPs is asking a lot. Every page of your website is a potential landing page for specific keywords.

Question: How long does it take before I will see the results of the SEO effort?

Answer: It depends on the competitiveness your industry and your website. Some websites will see an increase in rank and traffic in as little as 3 to 4 weeks, for some it could be as long as 6 to 8 weeks.

Question: After the initial work is finished, what still needs to be done that requires monthly SEO?

Answer: SEO is much more of a process than it is an event. The work that is performed each month depends entirely on the needs of your particular website and the competitiveness of your industry. Every website is different but in every case the work starts with comprehensive reports that show the current rank and movement, either up or down, of every single keyword and phrase that is being targeted for each major search engine. These reports also show the movement of all websites competing with us for those keywords. Traffic reports are also generated that show the source of every click into your website, and the keywords people used to find you. These reports are studied in depth, and a course of action is planned and carried out.

Again, every website is different, but some of the strategies that may be employed include:
• Creating new landing pages based on keyword strength for that particular page.
• Creation of a resources page that links to important non-competing websites.
• Discovering inbound linking partners and trading reciprocal links with them in a search engine friendly manner.
• Creation of new menus to aid the search engines and guide them to pages that are not being indexed regularly
• Strengthening of internal links on your website
• Article Syndication
• Press Release Submittal to quality websites.
• Adjustments in keyword presentation throughout the website.
• Adjustments in Titles
• Creation of “News” or articles pages.
• Addition of text where necessary that include keywords.

Question: What can I do to help the SEO process?

Answer: There are two things that can make a big difference to the SEO effort that you can provide assistance with. Number one is to take a look at the SEO reports that are sent to you each month, and ask questions where you are not clear on their value. A true SEO pro lives, eats and breathes Search Engine Optimization and is more than pleased to discuss any issue that isn’t clear to you.

Number 2 is to assist with inbound links. If you have industry peers, vendors, or if you own other industry related websites, working with your SEO to establish inbound links to your site that are properly structured will be beneficial to your rankings.

Question: How much does Search Engine Optimization cost?

Answer: Cost varies depending on competition for your industry’s keywords and the amount of keywords that are important to your business. A business that has a monopoly on and manufactures and sells only blue widgets and nothing else will certainly be a less labor intensive task than optimizing a T-Shirt Distributor. Contact us for a free evaluation of your website, and a proposal prepared for your unique requirements.

Question: Can Search Engine Optimization done improperly hurt my website’s rankings?

Answer: Yes. Search Engine Optimization companies that guarantee results in 24 hours, promise to submit your website to thousands of search engines and directories, or promise to provide you with hundreds of links to your website are all fast tracks to the supplemental results. Removing penalties imposed on a website is a difficult, expensive task.

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