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The Key to Internet Visibility

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Before designing your website it’s important to know exactly what you want it to do for you once it’s finished. Will it simply be a convenient placeholder that holds important documents for your clients to view or download, or would you like it to become an integral part of the growth of your business? For most entrepreneurs and business managers the answer is obvious. They expect that the cost of building a website will produce a positive return on their investment, either through qualified leads or direct sales. The key to achieving this goal is making certain your new website can be properly indexed by the Search Engines. Doing this will put you well on your way to achieving the website’s marketing goals.

In days past, businesses who relied on local consumers, signed up with phone directories to capture new clients searching for their product or services. Times have changed and the evidence is clear, far more people use the internet for finding local businesses, and this trend is growing. The smart businessman recognizes this, and has taken action to stay current with this technology.

But imagine for a moment, if in the old days, a business signed up to be listed in a phone directory, but the phone directory had no alphabetical or categorical structure for listing them in a logical manner whereby people could find a service they required. The business could most certainly be listed in the phone book along with myriad other businesses, but without a listing structure it would be virtually impossible for anyone to find you!

This is exactly the same as building a website without taking the steps necessary to be found by people looking for it.

I am often hired by savvy business people long before the first bit of code is put to a new website design. These clients understand the key to a website’s success lies as much in being found and properly indexed by the search engines as in an appealing, modern design.

To use another analogy, traffic engineers and city planners are hard at work long before construction of a new road begins.

Understanding all the different search engine’s algorithms and using this understanding to build internet visibility is the most important part of building an internet presence. Search Engines Robots use “top down” logic when looking at web pages. They are looking at your websites code, not the visually appealing interface that users see. Human eyes can be drawn to where a designer desires them to look. Search engine robots do not see things the same way, but instead are logical and predictable once you understand them.

The business is out there, and chances are people are looking for your services using an internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Studies show that 50% of search engine users do not look past the first or second page of results. If your website is not listed on these pages for your key phrases, then it is not realizing its full potential in helping the growth of your company.

To learn more, contact Web Solutions of America for a free consultation and evaluation of your website. Web Solutions of America is an Orlando Web Design Firm that takes pride in knowing good business today, means good business in the future.