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Online Marketing

Social Media

Social media is about the conversation that is happening on the World Wide Web. It is the art of listening, learning, and sharing that empowers this new marketing strategy. Social media is the engagement between your company and its customers. It is now possible to hear or find conversations that people are having about your products, services or business. These conversations are happening in real-time and it is up to you to interact with those involved and influence the direction of the discussion. By taking action and having a social media presence you may open up new business opportunities. Active participation in social media not only provides another avenue to promote your brand, but also to address and correct possible issues before they escalate.

Our mission through Social Media:

Companies that focus on information leadership today are key players in their industry. At WSOA we want to turn your company into the thought leader in your competitive marketplace. When it comes time for your target audience to make a purchase, we want them to think of your brand first. Just like you traditionally market your services or products, we want to help spread your marketing message through these social media networks and encourage your customers to share the same message through their network. Our mission is to help you with customer acquisition, thought leadership, customer service, customer loyalty, and reputation management.

Building Great Social Media Case studies

At team WSOA we strive to build our portfolio with relevant case studies and believe that when our customers succeed, we succeed. Being successful does not just come by building a large fan base but it is about matching results with the implementation of our recommended plan. We take our engagement efforts from our different styles of posts and track the interaction from each. With interaction comes an increased fan base and because of this we truly focus most of our efforts through creating great content. At WSOA we also set up social monitors for your brand to see who is talking about your brand outside of the company pages we create. With this we can give you enhanced feedback and increase your marketing opportunities.

ROI from Social Media – WSOA’s Analytics

Social media is new and it is hard for many companies to find a true measure of Return on Investment (ROI), but at WSOA we have a working method. We supply our clients with great analytics from our efforts through each social media medium. By supplying our clients with these analytics, our clients can match it to their sales for the month and see how they are progressing. It is important to remember though it does take time to build a great social media presence and results from sales will not come instantly – it is an investment. Our goal through social media at WSOA is long term, one that will turn you into the thought leader in your industry and when matched with excellent products and services, will lead to a loyal customer base and repeat business..