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Is Snapchat Right for Your Business?

Is Snapchat Right for Your BusinessOne of the most important aspects of starting a social media strategy is picking the platforms that will best reach your audience. This means that, before you start, you must clearly define who your audience is. This could be age, gender, education level, marital and familial status, among many other demographics that will give you a general picture of who you are trying to reach with your social media. From there, you will be able to determine which platforms will be best utilized by your company.

Who Uses Snapchat

Snapchat began in 2011 with the ability to send temporary photos to other users that could be opened to view, but then were deleted forever after it’s set 1-10 second time limit. Since then, there have been many updates and added features that has brought them to 173 million daily users.

As of 2017, the average user on Snapchat is between the ages of 12 and 34, with the majority (83%) being between 12 and 17 years old and female (70%). While this younger age range holds most users, 77% of college students actually use it daily as well, most often in the evening for communication or creativity.

Many users have reported they would be happy to add brands on snapchat that they follow on other social platforms, like Facebook, and 73% claim they would open a snap from a brand they knew. What does this mean for you?

Well, if the audience you’re trying to reach falls into this category of teen to early 30-something females, you could probably get a pretty good return on an investment from a snapchat profile.

What can you do in Snapchat

If you choose to send snaps directly to your followers, be sure it is exciting and engaging. Because it is deleted after it is accessed, viewers will watch with more intent. Posting to your story, on the other hand, keeps your snaps available to your followers for 24 hours!

Some things you can do include:

  • Adding a discount, promotion, or coupon code to the story
  • Posting pictures and videos behind the scenes
  • Hosting a celebrity takeover
  • Sponsoring news or blog content on the Discover tab
  • Sponsoring a lens for people to use in their snaps
  • Adding a geofilter at your place of business or an event location

Extra tips on Snapchat

Some final things to keep in mind if you choose to use Snapchat is that video content is going to be your best friend. The average user on Snapchat is used to absorbing a lot of media at one time, so your content needs to be animated, dynamic, and engaging. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the app before you start and use other successful brands as inspiration for your strategy.

Social Media Help

If you’re interested in bringing your brand into the social world, or aren’t sure where to start, Web Solutions of America has your back. With years of experience growing brands on social media, we can help you find the best platforms for your business and create a strategy perfect for your brand. For more information about our services, contact us today.