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Is Your Website Ready for an Upgrade?

Broken Website? We Can Help.Whether you have an active website with new pages and blogs every week or one that has been the same since the beginning of the internet, it most likely is in need of an upgrade. Consider your website your 24-hour employee. Not only is it a perpetual face for your company, but it is often the very first face a potential client will likely see. Just like with any great worker, your website needs ‘training’ to keep up. Consider updating your website to ensure it is working effectively.

Common Problems

Often, you may not see a problem with your website or know there is one until a consumer makes a complaint. Some issues you may be dealing with that deter potential clients include:

  • Long loading times
  • Confusing navigation
  • Pixelated images
  • Text-heavy pages
  • Responsiveness

Measuring Effectiveness

With incredible marketing technology available, a lot of these issues can be measured to pinpoint what elements on your website are making it less effective. Many goals such as email leads, product purchases, amount of traffic, and click-through rates are recorded and stored for you to utilize. If your website does not allow you to measure or track your conversions and, especially, bounce rates, you need some new tech, pronto.

Benefits of an Upgrade

With a website upgrade, you also have the potential to resolve some revenue-killing issues and make your investment profitable. According to a study done by, a company’s website holds at least some influence over 74% of participating buyers’ purchasing decisions. The website gives the company an opportunity to establish themselves as professional and credible, as well as instill trust in the consumer. In addition to this, upgrading your website can bring you additional benefits, including:

  • Adjusting for your company’s evolving goals, missions, and values
  • Staying up-to-date with your competitors’ sites
  • Quicker Response time and more effective third-party tools and widgets
  • Improved SEO rankings

Just like with cars and houses, it’s never a good idea to wait until something breaks for you to take a look at it. In the same way, your website requires routine maintenance and assessments. Fortunately, the experts at Web Solutions of America are experienced in website design and development. Our team stays on top of the latest in website trends to ensure your investment provides the maximum results. Give us a call today at 407-636-4233 to see what we can do to make your website more efficient and successful!