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Leveraging Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for SEO

A lot of companies consider search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) to be separate initiatives, but here at Web Solutions we understand the value gained when combining these efforts.

It isn’t just about increasing a site’s visibility in both organic and paid searches; that’s an obvious advantage. The significance of implementing a PPC campaign in addition to SEO is that the information gained from PPC can be very influential for SEO.

For example, investing in PPC helps SEOs determine which keywords bring traffic, generate leads, and compel visitors to buy. The ability to track user behavior is easier and much more efficient with PPC than it is with organic SEO and the sooner this information is gathered the quicker SEOs can optimize pages that convert.

Even small PPC campaigns can generate valuable information for SEO.

Implementing both SEO and PPC is especially important for businesses that are just starting their internet marketing efforts. The reason why is that SEO is considered a long-term strategy whereas PPC can produce immediate results. Depending on the industry and competition, it can take months for a business to see results from an SEO campaign. But PPC can generate a sale tomorrow.

PPC also helps businesses build a brand. While your site might not be visible in organic search results because you’ve just started SEO, PPC will help get your name out in front of searchers. Even if someone doesn’t click on an ad, they might see your business name and remember it for the future.

The most important thing is that you’re visible. Once your SEO efforts have boosted your rankings and you’re now visible in both organic and paid search, people who see your business name twice are more likely to have the opinion that you can help them.