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Meet Spark, StrategiQ’s New SEO Deployment Tool

To disrupt the traditional SEO development process, digital marketing agency StrategiQ has launched a new tool that will help digital marketers test and deploy SEO-related changes by circumventing workflow obstacles such as CMS limitations, development pipelines, or budget overhead. Their solution is called Spark.

What Is Spark?

Powered by Cloudflare Workers’ edge computing, StrategiQ’s Spark is a “Meta CMS” that allows SEO teams to make quick and simple changes on their own with the click of a button. Changes such as inserting content or modifying metadata typically require developer or server access to modify source code. Spark bypasses such hurdles to enable fast and efficient on-site edits that can immediately improve client campaigns.

What Can Spark Do? 

While Spark currently provides the ability to make basic SEO changes such as DOM content injection and modifying meta title tags, data, and descriptions, they plan to expand their capabilities to support structured data deployment, logfile capture, and sophisticated SEO split-testing, among other features.

How Does Spark Work?

For SEO teams to deploy client-direct SEO changes through the Spark interface, they must:

  • Create a Cloudflare account
  • Switch website nameservers to Cloudflare
  • Enable Cloudflare Workers (for an additional fee)
  • Enter Cloudflare API key into Spark
  • Set up “Variable” values extracted from the source code
  • Create “Modifications” from a library of changes
  • Define page groups
  • Deploy changes via Spark to the edge

While Spark is an innovative tool that can make SEO teams more effective, a successful online marketing strategy requires not just organic SEO, but a combination of social media, PPC advertising, web design, and email marketing. To help your business achieve its online marketing goals and maximize its campaigns results, contact WSOA. Give us a call at 407-636-4233.