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Order Up: Reputation Management for Restaurants

Order Up: Reputation Management for Restaurants

Whether you run a food truck with edgy, non-traditional branding or a full-service eatery with an image as luxurious as your wine menu, you care deeply about your restaurant’s reputation. Notwithstanding, its prestige doesn’t solely depend on the services you provide in house; it also depends on the way your customers represent their experience with others. Beyond word of mouth, your restaurant faces the judgement of online reviews which, good or bad, don’t expire. 

Reputation management is the act of monitoring and influencing the perception that others could have of your business both online and offline. While this marketing practice holds significance for businesses across all industries, it carries an even greater weight for those in food service. One wrong review can prevent consumers from even taking a bite, which means your restaurant needs — now more than ever — to stop passing the plate on reputation management. 

Your Reputation Needs Managing, Too 

Customers don’t make their first impressions after the first taste; they judge your restaurant before ever stepping foot inside. However, there are countless online platforms where consumers can find your location and make their assumptions: your Google My Business (GMB) profile, social media, and business review websites. Reputation management digitally positions your restaurant so that it appeals to patrons no matter which channel they choose to search through.  

Serve up the best version of your restaurant 

Of course, some customers are prepared to give new restaurants a try without second thought. However, most of them want to know that their experience will be worth the time and money, which is why customers first check online reviews to see how the experience went for other patrons. Reputation management puts focus on making sure those reviews shed a positive and accurate light on your location, and it strives to put them at the forefront of your digital image. By courteously engaging with satisfied users, it also gives hesitant newcomers even more reasons to give your location a try.   

Keep in touch long after the check arrives

Responding to positive comments builds rapport with those you’ve previously served, influencing their transformation into repeat customers. With reputation management, however, generous reviews won’t be the only ones that get your restaurant’s attention. Promptly and effectively responding to negative reviews can have a favorable influence as well. By giving honest and helpful feedback to unfavorable comments, you’ll show customers that your restaurant is dedicated to providing the best experience by taking notes from patrons themselves. 

Push your GMB to the front of their search  

There are multiple factors that help Google decide which local businesses to put at the top of a search such as “restaurants near me” — one of which includes the overall amount of reviews. That’s why reputation management not only combs through your existing reviews, but also encourages additional ones. As reputation management promotes more and more comments from customers, it inherently helps push your restaurant to the front of your customer’s favorite search engine. 

Rank higher amongst your local competition 

While a greater number of reviews is essential for digital competition, the quality of those reviews will also affect how Google ranks your restaurant. For example, searches for “best restaurant” are almost entirely unlikely to show results with two or even three star ratings. Therefore, monitoring and improving your star ratings through reputation management can help you rank in even the highest-quality online searches.     

Try Made-to-Order Reputation Management 

When you’re ready to give reputation management a try, trust the team at WSOA. Our service menu offers reputation management along with a host of other marketing options customized to your liking. Furthermore, our industry experience and digital expertise will allow us to maintain your shining image or carefully redirect the wrong public perception. For more information, contact us today.