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Email MarketingEmail marketing is an advertising technique that utilizes email to distribute promotional materials, marketing messages, or to stay in contact with a faithful end user. It can be performed using cold lists (not recommended), opt-in lists, or lists created through website sales and/or transactions. It has become one of the more popular advertising methods because it is:

  • Inexpensive – Email is electronic and costs almost nothing to send.
  • Fast– Email can be instantly sent to recipients.
  • Easy – Email is simple to setup and send.
  • Trackable – Email can be tracked and the results can be verified almost immediately.
  • Automated – Emails can be sent automatically at set intervals after the opt-in.

80% of the web traffic/visitors you receive will never return to your website again. Email marketing is one technique that can be used to recapture these traffic losses.

The most popular type of email marketing is creating your own email list and then sending periodic emails with information that might be of interest to your subscribers. This strategy could involve newsletters, follow ups, direct advertising, and sometimes even upselling after a sale. Researchers have estimated that US companies will spend over 2.5 billion by 2016 on email marketing, a 75% increase from 2012.

The Right Kind of Email Marketing

The right way to collect email addresses is by giving your visitors the ability to sign-up or opt-in to receiving your email communications. Giving your visitors the ability to consent to receiving email has eliminated many of the disadvantages that email marketing has run into in the past. It gives the receiver a higher degree of satisfaction as well as giving the sender the ability to actually determine if the receiver wants to receive their messages. Opt-in email marketing has become a more personal way of communicating with and targeting potential buyers

If you are considering starting an email marketing campaign you should take extra care in determining if your program is in compliance with US regulations regarding the sending of unsolicited emails. Having the correct opt-in and opt-out procedures in place is a must. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 calls for fines of up to $16,000 per incidence for spam email.

Web Solutions of America offers a variety of Orlando email marketing solutions that can provide your business with a solid stream of return visitors. We’ll establish and maintain your email marketing campaigns so you can do what you do best.

If you need help with the maintenance or development of your email marketing campaign in Orlando, FL or anywhere else in the USA, please give us a call at (407) 998-5593. Our Orlando email marketing experts can easily create the foundations of your email presence quickly and give you the scalable ROI that is needed to grow your business.