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Pinterest Reaches A Quarter Billion Monthly Users

PinterestIt may not be talked about quite as much as social media giants Facebook or Instagram, but Pinterest is no slouch. They recently announced reaching a milestone of 250 million active monthly users.

In fact, Pinterest has been growing aggressively recently. The company states that their site is home to over 175 billion ideas for users to discover, up by nearly double from last year.

Pinterest represents a solution for a problem people didn’t know they had. It gives users a place to find inspiration, no matter what they are looking for. Whether it be self-improvement, home-improvement, or anything in between, Pinterest is helping more people get their creative juices flowing than ever before.

Head of Global Sales for Pinterest, Jon Kaplan, has stated that 78% of Pinterest users find content posted by brands useful to them. This is significantly higher than other social media platforms, which presents a unique marketing opportunity that 1.5 million businesses are currently taking advantage of.

Business tools on Pinterest include:

  • Videos that are promoted play at maximum width
  • Available paid shopping ads
  • Business pages that display a rotating showcase of merchandise along with essential business information

Business support on Pinterest continues to grow as well, with the addition of buyable ads for non-English-speaking countries coming in the near future. This is more important than it might seem, as 80% of new users currently come from areas outside of the United States.

Is Pinterest part of your overall online marketing strategy? In 2018, it is vital to maximize your online presence on major social media platforms, and the team here at Web Solutions of America can help. Our wealth of experience on growing social media presence can help you create the perfect strategy for your brand. For more information about our services, contact us today.