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PPC Trends in 2019

In the past year, we’ve seen changes that are influencing the world of pay per click advertising. Google Adwords has been rebranded, offering a new experience under the banner “Google Ads,” including the launch of several campaign types with their own unique features. Bing launched several features, targeting reports and capabilities. Amazon is also positioning itself as a potential challenger to Google, with many marketers funneling advertising dollars because there is a burgeoning online population that is actually starting their buying process on Amazon instead of a Google search.

In 2019, there may be a refocus on automation and connecting with audiences instead of keywords.

Focusing on audiences in lieu of keywords. Keywords have been the main focus for SEO and PPC marketing ever since its advent. However, advertisers are shifting and focusing on context instead of keywords. Audience targeting on the search network will be the main focus in 2019, and it may be a mainstay as people are shying away from impersonal keywords and capitalizing on offering immersive experiences to their audience, focusing on audience lists and positive and negative bid types.

Search and social networks. Social media has become their own platform for PPC advertising. While search is intended to reach customers who have an intent to buy, social media pushes highly targeted messages to a predetermined audience. No longer will these two thoughts be seen as separate identities – they’ll be used together to make PPC much more effective.

Voice search. Virtual assistants on personal devices have powered traffic to sites that goes beyond what’s on the page copy. Google Ads even has features that help to connect voice search with PPC campaigns. Google Ads allows marketers to incorporate keywords that match voice searches, use sentences with 5 to 6 words, and identify keywords to which you can add “near me.” More people are using their virtual assistant programs on their phones to look for services near them, underlining the importance of being aware of the role of voice search in 2019 and beyond.

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