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Things to Know Before You Create a Facebook Fan Page

Before you create a Facebook fan page for your company here are some things to note of what “not to do”:

Note: Create a Fan page not a Personal Profile

Why: It is against Facebook’s rules. Personal Profiles are for real people not companies. If Facebook finds out about your fake Personal Profile there is a good chance they will delete it. Personal Profiles are also limited to 5000 “friends”.

Note: Fix your profile picture’s thumbnail if it is offset

Why: Make sure the thumbnail of your profile picture is centered to show your logo.

Note: Be sure the company name and custom url you choose is really what you want

Why: Plan After 100 fans you will not be allowed to change this

Note: Make sure your report all other fake Facebook pages that has your company name in it, including places.

Why: Multiple company pages do not only clutter Facebook but they also make it confusing for fans who are looking for the “Official” page. There have also been a few instances where individuals not involved with the company have started a page for it and it is crucial that as a company you take control over this page.

Note: Do not deny posting rights from fans

Why: Denying posting rights from fans creates a boundary between your company and its fans. Facebook is about being social by listening and communicating with your fans. Yes every page will get a few negative comments every once in a while but look at this as a chance to show your fan base that you really care about your customers and are not just shutting your doors to them. Later on when you get the loyal Facebook fan base you will see that when a negative comment is posted your fans will stand up for you.

Note: Don’t blow up your fan’s newsfeed with spam or advertising

Why: No one wants to have to read through 5 different advertisements before they can see what their friends are up to, so don’t spam. A few promotions or deals every once in a while is great though! If you are posting these regularly though your fans will hit the unlike or hide all by this user button and then you have lost them forever.

Note: Be careful of what you post in the newsfeed

Why: Once you click the share button your post will be made public going out to all of your fans as well as your fan’s friends. Use proper grammar but speak in your own voice. Have a sense of personality in your post and feel free to use to humor every now and then but stay away from posting anything that can cause conflict.

Note: Don’t leave your fan’s hanging when they leave you a post!

Why: If you don’t leave a reply why would your fans leave you another message?

Note: Don’t abandon ship!

Why: If you put your daily Facebook posting on hold your fans will lose interest and forget about your page. If you have to take a week or a weekend off just let your fans know.

If you have more questions regarding this or need help with your Facebook Fan page please leave a comment below or click on the live help box to the right.