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Scrap These Old Social Media Strategies

Back when they first arrived on the scene, few saw Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as anything more than opportunities to connect with friends and get a glimpse into celebrities’ lives. Now, they are money-making machines: some people make millions just from posting on Instagram. Facebook has turned into one of the best places for businesses to advertise. Twitter helps businesses improve their customer satisfaction and engagement through quick responses.

The point is, social media changes so rapidly that it barely looks the same as it did even 2 years ago. So, if you are still using the same social media advertising tactics that you had success with 2 years ago, you will have a hard time growing your business and seeing conversions. Here are some things that you might be doing which are stunting your growth.

  1. Following for the follow-back – This might be the oldest trick in the book for increasing your following, but it creates almost no value. All the random followers you get from doing this are empty, since they probably won’t engage with your posts. They are only there for the follow, not for your content.
  2. Using the same content across multiple platforms – You’ve written an amazing blog and posted it on Facebook. Great! But that’s not going to translate directly to Twitter and Instagram. You need to use each platform to the best of its capabilities. Instead, translate that blog into a short video for Twitter, or a snappy-sounding caption for an Instagram photo.
  3. Only writing about what you care about – Writing about your passions is great because it is genuine, but you also need to write about what your clients like to engage with. Use Google Trends to find out what aspects of your company would get the most interaction with clients, and give the people what they want!
  4. Too many links – You do need to be posting links to your content so people can find it. But, your followers can tell when following your account only amounts to getting your advertisements. Nobody will stick around for long if your posts are just a big list of links – you need to build up your brand presence and cultivate an image along with posting links.
  5. Too many pitches – Do you reach out to your new followers with an instant sales pitch? That’s a great way to make a bad first impression. It tells people you just care about them for the money they might bring you. Take it easy on the direct pitches, and let your great content work for you. When you do interact with clients, make sure it comes across as genuine and human, not like a bot.
  6. Staying one-dimensional – Text and images might be your bread and butter, but that blog post with a picture only does so much work nowadays. You need to utilize a wide variety of media to reach the largest audiences. Video is a fast growing type of content, especially on Twitter. That doesn’t mean you need to hire a video team to create a masterpiece; just use a camera and basic editing software to create something short and interesting.

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