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SEO Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

SEO do's and don'tsWith the convenience of online retailers, small businesses must implement sophisticated SEO strategies and techniques to increase their online exposure and drive customers to their site. To guarantee your small business survives in today’s competitive marketplace, follow these important SEO do’s and don’ts.

Do Upload Fresh Content

In order to keep customers updated about your products and promotions, post original content to your website that is both engaging and informative. Consider what keywords or phrases your target audience may be searching for online and draft a relevant article or blog post that speaks to their needs. If your content is consistently fresh, keyword-rich, and of high quality, the search engines will direct them straight to your website.

Don’t Post Irrelevant Content

You must understand that not all content is good content. Posting plagiarized, poorly written, or inaccurate content that does not align with your goods and services will not only diminish the legitimacy of your brand in the eyes of consumers, but it will also tank your search rankings and could result in a penalty or ban. Do your business a favor by running spellcheck and keeping the tone, length, and message of your content focused, structured, and unique.

Do Post Customer Reviews

Potential customers are more likely to believe the opinion of former clients over promotional materials. Indeed, your best spokesperson is a satisfied customer, so encourage them to endorse your small business by writing a review. A favorable business review will spread positive word-of-mouth and act as a testimonial to help recruit new customers. Good reviews, however, can only be earned by demonstrating superior customer service.

Don’t Purchase Fake Reviews

Like plagiarized content, fraudulent reviews are an unforgivable SEO sin. Employing such unethical measures in an attempt to boost search rankings or mask unfavorable reviews can result in harsh penalties from search engines, and once your site has been blacklisted by Google, there’s really no coming back. Don’t risk your small business by being deceptive, instead incorporate transparency and honesty into your SEO strategy.

Do Use Keywords

Keyword-rich content is the beating heart of an effective SEO strategy. Search engine algorithms will track your correctly-placed keywords and boost your organic search ranking — moving your site to the top of its search results.

Don’t Overstuff Keywords

Your keywords must flow naturally throughout the headings and copy on your site. Over-optimizing your page with random, oddly placed keywords can also result in a penalty from Google.

The best way to avoid penalties and ensure your business’ website is optimized is to hire a professional web marketing firm. At WSOA, we provide effective marketing services that utilize PPC, SEO, email, and social media advertising campaigns to boost your organic web traffic and increase sales. Let us handle your SEO marketing so you can get back to work. To learn more about our experience or services, please give us a call today at 407-636-4233.