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SEO Tips for Local Businesses

The list of SEO tips for local businesses could go on forever but the point of this article isn’t to list them all. Instead we would like to mention some tips that continue to work going into 2014 and also highlight those that may be new to the game. Here are a few quick tips to help you climb in rankings:

Build Quality Links

As always building links is important, but the types of links that Google values is shrinking. Recently Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam, laid down the law on guest posting. His words are powerful in the SEO community and he warned those who are abusing guest posting as a link building tactic.

Some SEOs build hundreds of links by guest posting with content that was quickly put together with the hope of gaining a quick link. Others use the same or similar content again and again. Unless you’re producing guest posts that answer a question or provide users with quality information through original, well-thought-out content, don’t do it going forward. Google will only penalize you for it.

In addition to guest posting there are other ways to build links, like updating business listings and directories, but you must tread carefully. There are certain sites you want to stay away from. It’s best to leave it up to the trusted experts when it comes to building links these days.

Assign Appropriate Title Tags

Through keyword research you can find a number of terms and phrases that you should try to rank for. Performing the research, assigning the right title tags, and creating content for pages requires a certain skill. Better yet it requires experience. At Web Solutions of America we have both!

Produce Content that Answers a Question

As a result of Hummingbird (Google’s latest change to its algorithm structure) and the increased use of mobile search, it’s more important now than ever before to provide informative content for users. You must be a resource for them and be the place where they can find answers to questions relevant to your industry. Content that answers a question or provides a service is shareable content. Content that gets shared builds links. This is a great link building approach in Google’s eyes.

We hope some of these tips are useful and that moving forward in 2014 you make the decision to invest in SEO. If you already are then you’re a big step ahead of your competition.