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SEO Trends in 2019

SEO trends in 2019Like anything else on the internet, search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Since the first search engine in 1997 website creators have been scraping to make sure their page is relevant and easy to find. Keeping up with the latest changes with SEO is vital to anyone with a website.

So, what changes are coming?

Well first of all Google is switching to mobile-first indexing, making the mobile website a crucial piece of your place in the search index. It’s no longer okay for your mobile site to have awkward zoom or broken links; it needs to be user-friendly. Now, don’t panic, the desktop site will still be used until the switch has been made to a mobile site, but this is something to be cautious of.

Another tip to keep in mind

Google is introducing a new metric: speed. Loading times have mattered for a while, but times are changing. Different than in the past, Google will now use optimization and (the newer) “speed” as measurements. Optimization is an easy fix when you remove anything that could prevent quick loading on your webpage, but speed is a metric Google is testing out. It is unclear just how speed will affect rankings. For now, Google can rate your site as slow, but your ranking will stay the same. Keeping an eye on this could prove to be very important in future design.

Google will also use your brand mentions in its search algorithms.

Google learns to tell the good from the bad to determine if you are trusted, if you solve complaints, and your brand’s overall reputation. So, don’t only engage with positive feedback and vice versa. Even finding influencers willing to put in a good word for you can help.

Next is Amazon, quickly becoming the first, and only, stop for e-commerce.

It’s been shown 56% of consumers go straight to Amazon when they intend to buy something online. In order to make sure your product is a first result, specialize your keywords, describe your product simply and efficiently, provide quality pictures of the product, and react quickly and cooperatively to complaints and reviews.

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