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SEO: What You Need to Know

SEO What You Need to KnowWatch the traffic on a brand new website, and you’ll likely pass out from boredom in between visitors. So, how do sites that are big today grow their traffic from 0 to the thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of unique visitors per day?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing practice that helps grow visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results through the use of distinctive words and phrases.

Why is SEO so important?

Think about it this way: each visitor to your site is a new opportunity to sell something. Each set of eyes is a new potential customer.

SEO helps to bring those eyes to your site by using keywords and phrases to make sure the right people find you when they type those keywords and phrases into a search engine, like Google or Bing.

Using SEO traffic in sponsored ads, like those you see on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, helps the advertisements to be placed in front of consumers who often search for the words in your advertisement. For instance, a person who often looks up the latest basketball scores will see ads for the latest batch of Nike Air Jordans, or a sale at Foot Locker.

Improve your website’s SEO instantly

Before you call the professionals, you can jump-start your SEO campaign now with a few simple tactics, including:

  1. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. SEO rankings on Google have become mobile-centric due to the dramatic increase in mobile traffic over the years. Now your website will be ranked solely on its mobile content as opposed to its desktop content, which means you could be in trouble if you do not have a responsive web design.
  2. Register your site with Google Webmaster Tools to give you the most up-to-date tools for measuring your website traffic and demographic, right from the search engine source.
  3. Get full credit for your unique content with Google by setting up Google Authorship. If someone plagiarizes your work from now on, it won’t affect your ranking because you will be the certified author.
  4. Research the best keywords for you to be using in web page content and on your blog. Insert a few of these keywords into your existing text and then use the Google Webmaster Tools to monitor the site for any increases in traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Help

We understand some of what you read might not make sense, or you just don’t have the time to do it. Contact the experts at Web Solutions of America to learn how we can help you increase website traffic and drive business through SEO. Our SEO managers would be happy to work with you, answer any of the questions you might have regarding current traffic flow of your website, or help you get started with a plan to manage SEO. To speak with one of our professionals, call us today at 407-636-4233.