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Skype Video Chat with Friends on Facebook and More!

Skype Video Chat on Facebook

Today, Facebook unveiled some exciting new features to its over 750 million person user base. The biggest feature being unveiled is a video chat powered by Skype that lets Facebooker’s video chat with each other without ever leaving Facebook. To see how the Facebook video chat works, click on the link from Facebook below to watch the video which introduces Facebook’s new feature and then click the get started button to download the chat interface. Once downloaded your Facebook messaging system will be updated with a new video call button at the top of your chat messages.

Sharing through chat has become easier than ever, say goodbye to having to link that video file over and over to your friends. Now you can invite your friends to one chat box with Facebook’s new multi-person chat. This group chat adds an add friend button to message boxes which allows you to invite more friends to chat together.

As more and more features roll out with Facebook we, as an Orlando website design company, are beginning to think someday people will never need to leave Facebook. With this thought in mind it is getting ever more important as a company to have a presence on this huge social networking site.