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Social Media and SEO in Orlando

My last article was about stating the importance of optimizing your website for SEO. I compared three different companies within the same industry and described how the underdog could come up being ranked higher in the searches when implementing SEO tactics. Although with this still being very true, I did want to add something for the smaller, mom and pop, motel (C). What if instead of optimizing their website directly for SEO they decided to go a different route and made a presence through popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. What would be the outcome then?

If you did not get a chance to read my article before, the three companies I used were: company (A), a chain of 3 hotels that were local to Orlando that implemented SEO tactics; company (B), a large chain of hotels that were known around the United States who had a great website but did not implement SEO in ranking for keywords for their Orlando hotels; and company (C), a small, mom and pop, motel which only had an online presence. What I have changed is motel (C) that is now effectively interacting with their fans through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Small motel (C) had created a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Page, and had developed and is still developing a series of funny hotel related “The Office” themed videos for some time now. Their Facebook and Twitter page now has well over 20,000 fans or followers now and their newsfeed posts have always gotten a lot of positive interaction and likes from their followers. All of this interaction has brought tons of traffic daily to their social media sites as well as back to their website. Their YouTube videos also went viral and were shared instantaneously through various social networking and book marking sites. Because of all of the hype company (C) has stood out from their competitors and is now known nationally. They have created a much needed awareness of their small motel and with the great content that was shared and talked about it is now spread all over the internet.

Adequately engaging in these social media sites have played a large role in the marketing of this small motel and has helped out the SEO of their website in a way. SEO tactics are highly related to great content and link-building and because mom and pop hotel (C) had great content that went viral along with engaging with their fans and followers it was shared through many sites. Articles were written, which were then posted to other sites, and the videos were as well posted to various social video sites. Although search engine optimization is critical for getting seen, social media tactics are still needed to get your content viral and shared better.