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Starting a Blog Can Help with SEO

Search engine optimization encompasses a lot of things and each year the list of tasks grows for SEOs. There was a time when an SEO could rank a website by performing keyword research and writing quickly-put-together content for each of those keywords. Those days are long gone as Google has significantly improved its search algorithm and now rewards sites that produce the highest quality content.

The role of an SEO today includes keyword research, content production, pay-per-click, link building, social media, on-site optimization, analytics, and more. It’s too much for one person to handle as most SEO firms employ a team of people to perform such tasks. Content production has especially increased the workload of an SEO since only the highest quality content will do.

Following the Panda algorithm update in 2011 the phrase “content is king” was floated around for quite some time and it’s still used today. While content may not be king, it is certainly a major player in the world of SEO. That’s why a lot of companies benefit from starting a blog.

Benefits of a Blog

You may be asking yourself how can starting a blog help with SEO? Here are four reasons why a blog can increase your SEO effort.

  • More Indexed Pages – Search engines “crawl” and index every page you publish. While producing more content through a blog doesn’t necessarily increase your ranking, it does increase your web presence. If you have more pages searchers have a better chance of finding you.
  • Produce Fresh Content – Creating new content on a consistent basis keeps Google crawling your site and encourages them to crawl it more often. If you’ve run out of ideas for new landing pages, it’s probably time to start a blog. A blog will open your content options to just about anything that’s relevant to your industry.
  • Build Links Naturally – Google is constantly reminding us that we need to naturally build links by producing content that others want to share. Well blog posts create that natural link building opportunity. If you produce a lot of blog posts, you have a better chance of people sharing your content. You can also promote your posts on social media to get even more attention.
  • Engage with Customers – Starting a blog is a great way to connect with customers because they’re able to read your content and make comments. The comment section of a blog post gives readers the chance to promote an opinion, ask a question, and establish a relationship with the company they’re dealing with. When you engage your customers and communicate with them, they are much more likely to share your content and be an advocate for your business.


The debate for what is the most important element of SEO will never cease but one thing is certain – content will always be a part of that debate. Starting a blog takes time and commitment, but after enough time has passed and you look back on the extra content you’ve produced, you’ll be proud of what you started and the SEO benefit will be undeniable.

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