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Successful SEO Requires Patience

We live in a fast-paced world where people expect immediate results. The businesses we work with who wish to have a boost in website rankings aren’t any different. Unfortunately we often have companies ask for our help after they’ve been penalized by Google and their rankings are long gone – usually after taking “black hat” SEO shortcuts such as:

  • Publishing duplicated content
  • Creating quickly-produced content for the sole purpose of keywords
  • Buying links  or building links on irrelevant, low quality sites


Such shortcuts may produce quick results, but the gains made are always temporary. It doesn’t take long for Google to catch on and give you a slap on the wrist for trying to manipulate their search results. Successful SEO requires a long-term investment. Ideally you want your website to climb slowly in the rankings. A sudden increase will only send Google a signal that you may be performing shady SEO practices.

Although it’s tempting to do whatever it takes to achieve results quickly, good SEO campaigns require patience. If you stay the course and perform SEO to Google’s standards, the return on your investment will be significantly more. What’s important is hiring an SEO company that has your best interests in mind; a company that will tell you to stay calm and will refuse to use outdated, black hat SEO tactics.

Want Fast Results? Implement Pay-Per-Click

If you’re investing in SEO but want to attain quick results, make pay-per-click (PPC) a part of your SEO initiative. Although more people click on organic search results than paid ads, PPC is an effective and quick way to get your business in front of the eyes of searchers.

Any company who is starting an SEO campaign for the first time will ultimately need patience. It can take several months for a quality SEO company to show positive ranking reports and we understand how difficult it is to sit back and wait. But good things come to those who wait in the SEO world. Hire a good SEO company and your investment will be paying off in no time.