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The Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work

The Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Work

Let’s face it. We all know that no matter how hard we try to create a fun, relaxing work environment, worry and stress still seep into our office. Deadlines, office drama, and lack of passion can make coming into the office for eight hours a day torturous. However, there is one easy way to reduce stress and inspire creativity among your employees: Pets.

An Employee’s Best Friend

While many office managers may feel their head spinning at the thought of pets in the office (“What about allergies?!”), there are too many proven benefits to not give your employees the chance to bring in their animal friends. Some of these benefits include:

Reducing Stress and Worry

A 2012 study by International Journal of Workplace Health Management proved the presence of an employee’s pet like a dog or cat greatly reduced stress throughout the day, while workers without their furry friends had stress levels that spiked as work went on. Additionally, when employees can have their pets with them, they won’t be distracted worrying about what their dog, cat, lizard, or other pet is doing at home alone.

Encouraging Camaraderie

Pets are a great way to get a conversation started. Whether you use them as an icebreaker for a new employee or client, or they create more dialogue between coworkers, there is something about the presence of a precious pet that reduces office tension. Pets are also a great way to build trust and affinity within your team.

Longer Work Hours

When your employee doesn’t have to worry about beating traffic to walk or feed their pet, they feel more comfortable working long hours if need be. And not only will they be willing to do it, they’ll be happy to do it.

More Creativity

When your employee’s heads are clear and ready to work (with help from their furry friend), there’s more room for creativity and game-changing ideas. Since pets can help change up the monotony of work, it can change the way your employees think, leading to new and better ideas.

Overall Job Satisfaction

When an employee’s furry family member is welcome in their office, they will feel satisfied with their work. Why risk looking for a new job when they have it made at your company? Job satisfaction leads to higher employee retention and recommendation, which in turn leads to your company flourishing.

Your Best Workplace

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