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The Best Way to Use Blogging and Boost Local SEO

Businesses are working harder than ever to boost their local visibility, and rightly so. So how does one make their business local-friendly online? Content, content, content.

As we’ve recently seen several times over in all aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content is paramount for increasing local prominence. Blogs are an easy way to boost site content and gain local importance.

You can’t just stick a city’s name into a post a few times and call it a day; that’s not good enough. You need to make your business’ blog a place that people will actually want to go to for local information.

What should I write about?

The obvious answer is your business, of course. But for a lot of businesses that can make for a pretty small audience. Blogging solely about your business or industry can work great depending on your end goals.

If you want to boost your local SEO, though, you’ll need to think a little wider. A mixture of business-related content and locally important content is best.

If you’re having trouble coming up with blog topics, consider these options:

  • Local News

    Is there a new bank going up where a park was originally planned? Talk about it. Every city has news and people care about it. They want to hear your opinions.

  • List Articles

    Lists attract readers. 5 best automotive shops, top 10 five-star restaurants… Lists are simple to put together and people love to read them.

  • Charities

    If there’s a local charity that you care about or are involved in, give it a shout-out. It creates a sense of community and boosts your pathos with customers.

  • FAQs

    Write a post detailing all of the questions you commonly get asked. People will love the information. If any particular question has a longer explanation, turn it into its own post.

The best case scenario is finding blog topics that blend your business and a local subject. That way, you’re promoting your brand and getting the public’s attention. For example, a local t-shirt printing business might write a blog article detailing the upcoming art festival (where they just happen to be selling some t-shirts).

Once you’ve figured out what your topic is, you need to figure out how to write it. Who is your audience? Answering “Orlando” isn’t specific enough. Writing for middle aged businessmen is much different than writing for early 20’s creative types.

What is your voice as the writer? Are you “The Business” – very formal and never referring to yourself as an actual person? Or are you “John” – the guy that writes blog articles for your company? Consider the overall theme you want to convey with your blog and write accordingly.

Arguably most important, keep a posting schedule. Don’t let yourself go for two months without posting anything. If you have any regular readers, they will probably forget your blog exists in two months. Try writing a locally-focused blog post once a week.

When it comes to building up a strong local SEO presence, you can’t snap your fingers and have it be so. You need to make your site genuinely useful to your area. A blog is a fantastic and relatively easy way to show the locals that your business is relevant in their lives and in their community.