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The Consumer is Key to Content Marketing

The Consumer is KeyThe consumer is a brand, product and organization’s voter, judge and jury. They have complete control over what is effective, what kind of impact the messaging can have, and whether the communication can be considered trustworthy. Viewing the consumer as a statistic can sometimes develop misperceptions in the marketer’s mind about who the consumer is and what their intentions are. Modern communication strategies encourage the understanding of the consumer’s role and considering their perspective, but marketers often forget the consumer is a person just like them.

Today’s environment calls for a new approach to marketing, including general business strategies that involve focusing on the consumer, listening to their feedback and offering products they truly need and desire. Organization’s need to consider the consumer, rather than profits, the focus of all strategic communications, and they must address consumers as individuals and human beings.

A model to meet the current needs of consumers is SIVA – Solution, Information, Value and Access, which was introduced by Chekitan Dev and Don Schultz. This model flips the four P’s methodology around and looks at it from the customer’s view. The emphasis is on what customers want, need, or require, not what organizations have to sell. SIVA encourages companies to focus on what consumers may see as the solution to their problem; provide information to the consumer that supports their decision to purchase a particular product to solve the problem; propose the value a particular product or problem solution provides; and suggest how the customer can access or acquire the solution.

Forcing brands to engage with their audience in hopes to better understand what type of solution they are seeking, where they are looking for information about the solution, what value that solution can add to their life, and where they can find it will only enhance the brand’s performance. Content marketing, including SEO, email marketing and social media, enhance an organization’s ability to communicate with their audience and build a brand.

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