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The Continued Importance of Email Marketing

Email MarketingIn February, Mail Chimp revealed that recipients open an average of 16.75 percent of the e-commerce emails they receive. The click-through rate (CTR) for the links in those emails averages 2.32 percent. Many concur that those are excellent stats for email marketing, and most any marketing initiative. This is one of the many important reasons that email marketing remains an effective and essential marketing tool for businesses. Here are a few more to consider.

  1. It works – Email marketing still works, which is supported by the statistics above. This is perhaps the strongest reason it continues to be an important part of any comprehensive online marketing plan.
  2. Return on Investment – Last summer, Demand Metric and The Direct Marketing Association reported that email delivers four times more ROI than other formats, at 122 percent. This beats out paid search, direct mail, and social media. Several other studies, polls, and surveys continue to reveal the incredible ROI that email marketing enjoys.
  3. Consumer Expectation – Just under three-quarters of people who fill out a form, create an account or subscribe to a newsletter, expect a welcome email. And the open rate on these communications averages around 50 percent. This provides a tailor-made opportunity to further market your products and services. Even more exciting – the people who open your welcome email are likely to read nearly half of the other emails you send them over the following six months.
  4. Evolution and Adaptability – Email marketing strategies and approaches haven’t remained static. They have evolved with advancing technology and automation. This marketing approach is easily adaptable to the changing times and the growing needs and desires of the consumer base. Personalization, machine learning, and predictive software are some of today’s and tomorrow’s buzzwords in email marketing.

At Web Solutions of America, our team is dedicated to offering effective online marketing solutions that get results. We understand the enduring significance of email marketing, and how this tool helps businesses reach their lead generation goals. Allow us to create a tailored online marketing strategy that helps you generate the business you want and need. Contact us at 407-636-4233 to learn how we can support your business growth.