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The Difference Between Google and Facebook Ads

The Differences of Google and Facebook AdsThe online marketing toolbox is jam-packed with different ways for your company to attract new customers. A key component of this is visibility: your customers have to be exposed to your products and services before they can be convinced to buy them. Though there are a few ways to make your business more visible, one of the best ways is through putting out carefully-targeted online ads.

But, not all ads work the same way. How do you know which types to use and when in order to secure optimal results for your business? Here’s a brief breakdown of two of the most popular paid ads, Google and Facebook, to help you learn more about the characteristics and strengths of each.

Google: PPC Search-Based Advertising

Everyone has seen a Google ad – they appear at the top of nearly every search result list and can be clearly distinguished from other search results by the “Ad” box next to the URL. These ads are traditionally called PPC or pay-per-click advertisements because the company paying for the ads is only charged when a customer clicks on them.

PPC ads on Google target specific keywords in order to have the highest chance of converting. Professional online marketers are able to research keywords to figure out how to get the most out of every click. Thus, these ads are targeting specific things people need. For example, by paying to run an add for the keywords “Orlando Kitchen Repairman,” you are homing in on an audience that is likely to need a kitchen handyman in Orlando right now. And by reaching an audience that has an urgent need for your product or services, you are more likely to get them to visit your site and pay for what they need.

Facebook: Social-Based Advertising

Facebook ads are much less direct than Google ads. They appear on your timeline feed or as banners off to the right of your screen. Thus, Facebook ads are a more passive form of advertisement like a billboard, sign, or commercial – the consumer was not actively searching for your product, but were merely exposed to it. This does not make Facebook ads any less effective than Google ads; they are meant for different purposes.

Facebook ads are a great way to raise awareness for your company and reach a much wider audience. Remember, someone will only see your Google ad if they type in the specific keywords you are bidding for. But, Facebook ads can send ads to a target demographic based on several factors like age, sex, interests, other pages liked, and location. Even if not many people click on your Facebook ad, you’ve made them aware of your brand if they need something in the future.

Professional Online Marketers

This article has only scratched the surface on the nuances of paid advertisements, and of course there are many other significant differences between Google and Facebook ads. And, you must know the intricacies of each in order to run an optimal advertising campaign. Otherwise, you will just be wasting money on poorly targeted or ineffective ads and get no return on your investment.

That’s why professional marketers like those at WSOA can prove valuable to your business. We have certified Google AdWords professionals who can get the most out of your PPC ad budget and a social media team well-versed in running targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And, you’ll get regular analytics-based updates so you always know how your ads are doing. Call us today to learn more at 407-636-4233.