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The Facts behind Local SEO Myths

Learning about SEO for the first time is a challenging and intimidating endeavor. How does someone understand the difference between right and wrong when there isn’t a clear, distinguished way to perform SEO? You can search for “beginner SEO” articles all day long and find a difference of opinion in each one.

Some get confused by SEO for big brands versus SEO for local businesses and this can be a costly mistake. What works for the big brands doesn’t work for small businesses trying to beat out local competition. The truth here is that Google is simply more tolerant of bigger brands. Take a company like Amazon for example. Between the millions of products listed on their site they have more duplicate content that you could imagine, but that doesn’t hurt their rankings one bit. If a small business even thinks about having duplicated content on their site they have a chance of being penalized.

Today’s post is all about uncovering the facts behind successful SEO for local businesses.

Myth vs. Fact

Myth – Link building is dead. In 2014 the phrase “link building is dead” can be found everywhere. Much of this is the result of Google’s quest to stop SEOs from building unnatural links. For example Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Web Spam, stated a few months back that everyone should stop guest posting. Prior to that Google released two versions of the Penguin algorithm to target bad links.

Fact – Link building is not dead. People continue to provide valuable and insightful content in the form of guest posts on a daily basis and there is nothing wrong with it. There are specific directories that every business should be in and these links are fine to have in Google’s eyes. However it is safe to say that link building today is as hard as it has ever been. If you’ve built links in the past, don’t expect to build them at the same speed. In fact, acquiring links too quickly is a red flag to Google so be careful.

Myth – Claiming your Google business listing is a sure way to boost SEO.

Fact – Although many businesses benefit after creating their Google business listing, it is not the sole reason behind their success. The fact is that the businesses that are creating their business listings are also doing the other things to boost their SEO.

Myth – Social media doesn’t help with SEO.

Fact – Social media can help with SEO because the content you share on sites like Facebook and Twitter are much more likely to be shared since that’s what social sites are all about. In return you’ll receive natural backlinks. The key is to post consistently and to remain an active user. Participate in conversations by providing advice and answering questions.

Stay tuned for our next installment of myth vs. fact.