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The Importance of Call to Actions (CTAs) for Websites

A call to action (CTA) is an essential part of any website. Whether your objective is to have those who visit your site fill out a contact form, sign up for a newsletter or read a blog post, it’s crucial to provide a call to action so that the visitor has a clear direction for accomplishing the goal.

Having an effective CTA can help increase your company’s revenue while also expanding your customer base. From social media to blog posts, CTAs are commonly used throughout the web.  Versatile in both platform usage and actual content, business owners of all kinds use CTAs to speak for themselves and at the same time drive profitable results.

Conversions, revenue, business, and profit all depend on a successful CTA. In digital marketing, the CTA can be a button with copy or a simple statement. A successful CTA will result in a conversion; this usually happens with the click or tap of the link. However, there are virtually limitless ways to use a CTA when wanting a user to do or respond to something.

Some common types of CTAs include:

  • Buy buttons/“Add to cart”
  • Information-gathering forms
  • Subscription signups
  • “Read more”
  • “Try it now”
  • Social media share buttons and widgets
  • Help or “Online Chat”

CTAs can go pretty much anywhere on the page such as:

  • Headers
  • Pop-ups and slide-ins
  • Side panels
  • Purchase pages
  • End of the page, article, post
  • In advertisements

A CTA is meant to persuade a visitor on your site to take a particular action that benefits your business. There are three principal features of a CTA:

  1. Placement (where it is).
  2. Design (what it looks like).
  3. Copy or Text (what it says).

For CTAs to work, it takes effort. You can’t place a CTA just anywhere on your page and hope to attract more conversions. Visitors need to spot them easily and know instantly what to do. They cannot be hard to read, misplaced, or confusing. Professional digital marketers will test everything from the color you use to the font to the style of button to ensure your CTAs are converting.

Calls to actions are just one important component of a successful website. Understanding how design, content, and ranking factors such as SEO and PPC, work together, will help to drive the success of your website and ultimately better your business. If you want to increase your online presence, allow the experts at Web Solutions of America to assist you in creating and maintaining a beautiful website that can help get you results. Contact us today at 407-636-4233 for more information.