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The Importance of Phone Etiquette for Sales Reps

The Importance of Phone Etiquette for Sales Reps

Depending on the size of your business, you may have anywhere from a small team to an entire department dedicated to selling your product or service. But with the rise of hyper-convenience, it’s increasingly harder for your sales staff to reach your target audience in person. Therefore, even if everyone on the team knows your brand inside and out, they won’t be optimal sellers without proper phone etiquette.  

The practice of clearly and effectively communicating with clients via phone call, phone etiquette is essential to businesses across all industries. Without it, sales teams are at risk of tarnishing brand image and losing sales, yet many businesses fail to standardize it. Communication is key, but improper communication might be locking your brand out of some rewarding business partnerships, so let’s explore the importance of phone etiquette for your sales reps.

Impress Your Target Audience

People can easily overcome and even rewrite negative first impressions, but businesses can’t. Every time one of your sales representatives makes a call to a customer, they are representing your company. And, unfortunately, if a consumer isn’t impressed with their first impression, they aren’t going to give your brand the benefit of the doubt. That’s why your team needs to deliver consistent phone etiquette.

To make the right impression the first time, teach your team to focus on speaking clearly, rather than just presenting information quickly. Encourage reps to shorten dialogue, cut out fluff, and stick to the details so they can make each call valuable to your clients. Request that reps answer and return calls as quickly as possible and, above all else, maintain a positive and courteous tone.

Of course, first impressions are vital to consumers, but business relationships still require a lot of maintenance even after you’ve painted the right picture. In fact, over 70% of consumers will stop giving their business to a company that serves inadequate phone etiquette, which makes it a priority for both new and existing customers.

Maximize Your Marketing

Your marketing can only do so much on its own. Effective digital ads, SEO strategies, and social media campaigns can bring consumers to your business, but your internal team of sales reps is responsible for transforming those leads into consumers and keeping those consumers happy. Therefore, your reps need to be on the ball when:

  • answering a call
  • transferring a call
  • placing a caller on hold
  • closing a call
  • leaving a voicemail message

Keep in mind that phone etiquette isn’t just dependent on the way your reps handle these tasks; phone etiquette is largely dependent on the dialogue your reps choose. If you want to elevate your phone etiquette to maximize other areas of your business, consider investing in telecommunication tools like phone scripts or dialogue sheets. These tools will lay out the verbal communication of a call, making it easier for reps to concentrate on maintaining professionalism.

Phone Etiquette for Your Sales Reps

Phone etiquette can make the difference between gaining a valued customer and losing a sale to your competitors, which means everyone on your sales team needs a standard format for effective telecommunication. To empower your team with the tools to communicate and the tactics to close, provide them with a comprehensive phone script.

At WSOA, our expert team has years of experience in both sales and communications, which allows us to create authentic phone scripts that speak for your brand. However, we also understand that consumers aren’t converted overnight. That’s why we offer a range of digital marketing strategies to design a full-service package that fits your business, industry, and target audience. To hear for yourself, call us today at 407-636-4233.