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The Most Important YouTube SEO Tip

As far as success and innovation goes, it takes a lot to be impressed by something when compared to the standard that Google has set. That said, their YouTube recommendation engine is one of the most significant innovations they’ve created. Over 70% of all watch time on YouTube stems from the recommendation engine. We’ve all done it. You begin by watching one video, and before you know it you’ve burned through a couple of hours going down the recommendation rabbit hole.

In spite of this fact, many in the SEO industry focus on ranking in YouTube search results or getting their clients’ YouTube videos to appear in Google search results, when there should be a larger focus on appearing in the recommended results.

Metadata is perhaps the most important part of YouTube SEO, and is even more important than it is for Google search results.

You want to keep the recommendation engine from having to do too much work on its own, so it is critical to make sure every metadata field is filled out correctly.


Not only should your title include a relevant keyword, but it needs to be attention-grabbing.

Interesting titles on YouTube may be even more important than on Google, as YouTube relies so heavily on recommendations rather than search results.

Video Description

Your description should obviously have your target keyword in it, but also a variation of it. Make sure the description is at least 250 words long, as well.

The more information you can add to your description, the more data is available for YouTube to use.

A good place to start with your description is the major points of discussion that your video covers, and any questions that it answers.


Unlike keyword tags for search engines which are completely useless, tags are still important for YouTube SEO. Add your primary keyword, variations, and related topics that are discussed in your videos. It also helps to tag other YouTubers.


This has been the source of some jokes, as some YouTubers tend to go overboard with their video thumbnails. It should be eye-catching, with some text that indicates the subject matter of the video and an image that captures your audience’s attention.

While there is more to YouTube SEO than just metadata, it is very important and something that is overlooked by many. If you’re looking for a way to take your YouTube SEO to the next level, this is the place to start.

In 2018, there is no reason you shouldn’t be putting an emphasis on your online marketing efforts. Our holistic approach includes using social media, PPC advertising, organic SEO, website design, and email marketing campaigns to maximize your results. If you have any questions about how WSOA can help you, give us a call at 407-636-4233.