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The Story of DuckDuckGo’s Explosive Growth

In the world of search engines, Google remains king. One privacy-focused search engine however, has been making great strides in recent years. DuckDuckGo is known for their dedication to consumer privacy, allowing users to avoid personalized search results and keep their data secure from advertisers.

A tweet from the company states that they’ve reached a milestone of an average of more than 30 million search queries daily.

They haven’t always had so much success, though. Not until DuckDuckGo had existed for seven years did they see their first day with over 10 million search queries. Two years after that they reached the 20 million query milestone, and in just one year that figure grew 50% to 30 million – but why?

DuckDuckGo Traffic Chart

The above data from DuckDuckGo indicates that the most significant increases in traffic come after shifts in public attitude towards internet privacy or adoption by other major players in the online and tech industry. For instance, when Apple began offering DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for iOS users and Firefox began offering support, website traffic doubled in just over a year, and continues to grow at an even faster rate.

Why does this growth mean anything? As an alternative to Bing or Google that collect and use data to help ads target specific audiences, the rapid growth in popularity of a more private search engine may represent a shift in how the public perceives the action of these search engine giants.

Though their numbers pale in comparison to industry leader Google, recent data leaks and scandals have helped bring online data security concerns to the forefront of the minds of many, spurring exponential growth for companies like DuckDuckGo who value user privacy above all else.