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The Value of Tracking Phone Conversions

According to a new survey released by call marketing firm, Invoca, 54 percent of search marketers aren’t tracking phone conversions as a way to show value to their clients. If fact, almost 1 in 5 respondents of the survey revealed they didn’t know how important in-bound call conversions are in comparison to website conversions.

While many search marketers are still in the dark about tracking phone conversions, only 17 percent of those surveyed said web conversions are more important than phone call conversions. If the remaining 83 percent say phone call conversions are just as important as website conversions, why aren’t more search marketers tracking phone call statistics?

Here at Web Solutions of America we encourage all of our clients to track phone conversions and we’re happy to offer this service. Some of the benefits include detailed reporting, phone call recording, and an ability to see which segment of your marketing campaign is driving calls to your business.

It helps us show value as a marketing service because it explains to the client which calls were generated by our efforts. Of the search marketers that participated in the survey, 31 percent said they don’t receive credit for generating inbound calls.

The increase in mobile searchers over the last year is enough to motivate any business to track call conversions. According to Google, 70 percent of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search results. That number is expected to climb over the course of the next few years.

What’s the biggest drawback of not tracking call conversions? Search marketers like ourselves aren’t able to see the value of such calls and therefore can’t allocate marketing budgets accordingly. If phone calls are being driven by specific advertising campaigns but we don’t know it, it’s impossible to capitalize on it.