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The Value of Using Social Media for Your Business

Before social media grew into the phenomenon we now know it as today – many people looked at it as just a fad popular with the younger generation. It makes sense. After all, kids obsessively stayed online for hours communicating through AOL chatrooms or expressing themselves creatively through platforms such as LiveJournal, which blurs the lines between blogging and social networking. 

Many businesses, however, were not using social media as a way to attract attention to their companies; that, of course, has now changed. Of the 3 billion people who are active internet users, 2.1 billion of them have some sort of social media account. Those numbers are pretty impressive when you consider 7.2 billion people are living on the planet. Of course, the use of smartphones has allowed the web to become accessible to almost everyone.

If you’re debating on whether social media is right for your business, consider the following:

Profit from Customer Insights

Relevant customer data can be gathered through daily active engagement and social listening to help make smarter business decisions. Gathering information across all social networks in real-time allows you to measure customer sentiment, locate the conversations happening around your brand, and manage real-time reports.

Increase Loyalty and Brand Awareness

Maintaining a consistent presence on social media makes it easier for customers to locate and connect with you, increasing customer retention and brand loyalty. Moreover, Sprout Social found in a recent survey that 74% of shoppers use social media to make buying decisions.

Manage Targeted Ads with Real-Time Results

Social media ads allow you to promote your business and distribute content inexpensively to the right audience. Segmenting things such as location, company, job, title, income, interests, and age when running an ad campaign on sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, lets you measure and track the performance of your social ads instantaneously. On Facebook, you can also upload current or past customer lists and target like audiences with similar demographics and interests.  

Achieve Higher Converting Leads and Customer Service

Increased sales and customer retention are achieved through social media by interacting with customers and addressing their concerns on a daily basis. People often seek advice from companies or ask questions about their products online. A quick response or a helpful tip can lead to conversions.

Grow Website Traffic and Search Ranking

One of the most significant advantages of using social media for your business is increasing your website traffic. Social media not only helps direct people to your website, but it also increases your search ranking each time you receive a social media share. For example, each time someone who follows WSOA on Twitter retweets this post, the more likely it is to rank higher in Google’s search engine.

Geo-target Content 

Geo-targeting allows you to efficiently send messages out to a particular audience based on their location. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter provide tools which enable you to communicate the appropriate kind of content to your audience.

Social media provides numerous ways to help your business grow. By using it to engage with your audience and learn more about your customers, you’ll see the awareness around your brand increase. Having a business presence on social media in combination with other marketing practices keeps a business competitive and in the forefront. Contact one of our social media marketing experts at Web Solutions of America to discuss how we can help your business grow through the use of social media.