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Tips and Tricks to Effectively Use Hashtags

HashtagsHashtags are a popular term in the social media marketing space. They are defined as a keyword phrase with a pound sign (#) in front of it and no spaces. Marketers and users alike use hashtags to tie discussions around a topic into one stream. Although they can simply be conversational and join like-minded people around the world in a discussion, they can also be effective for marketers in drawing readers and potential customers to your website.

Tips for Using Hashtags Effectively

  1. Don’t get too fancy. While it can be fun to use a hashtag as an aside or a last word on the subject, hashtagging long sentences rarely draws any new business and can be distracting from your marketing message. Without spaces, long hashtags can be difficult for readers to decipher as well.
  2. Do some research. Hashtags work best when they bring people with similar interests to your site. That happens when your hashtags match those on other relevant content. Take a few minutes to see what other sites similar to your own are using on their content.
  3. Use hashtags to unify your content. Hashtags can direct readers to additional content relating to a product and service you offer, helping to solidify your brand. A single, memorable hashtag can also be used to blur the lines between different social media platforms and even to put a social media exclamation point on a new marketing campaign or slogan.

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