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Tips for Creating Quality Content, Straight from Google

Creating Quality ContentGoogle places a high importance on “high-quality” content as it relates to search engine rankings, but have provided little guidance on what they consider “high-quality” until now.

Google’s Developer Relations Group published five guides last month that aimed to help their own content creators create high-quality documentation.

These documents make up a small portion of the guides that Google uses internally, and not all of the information they provide is new, original, or even complete. Nonetheless, the Google Developer Documentation Style Guides are a great way for those looking to write high-quality content that will be rewarded by search engines and users alike.

The following tips are pulled directly from Google’s Developer Documentation Style Guide, and will help content creators maximize the returns on their efforts:

  • Your tone should be conversational but have a clear purpose. Think somewhere in between the voice you’d use with your friends and the voice you’d use if you were a robot.
  • Imagine yourself as a friend who is knowledgeable on the subject at hand and understands what users want to do.
  • Conform to American standards as they relate to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
  • Use sentences that are clear and concise with simple words that readers will understand. Avoid the use of jargon and technical terms when possible.
  • Link text is important; make it effective and descriptive.
  • Use accessible vocabulary and sentence structure that translates well into other languages.
  • Numbered lists are effective for listing sequential events.

Each piece of content is different from the last, and these general guidelines should be interpreted with that in mind. For the first time, we’re able to see the factors that Google takes into consideration when judging the quality of content, and this knowledge is a powerful tool for any online marketer looking to take their work to the next level.

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