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Top 10 Web Site Design Trends

Thoughts and predictions for 2011 web site design trends.

Approaching month four of this year, 2011. Our 10 thoughts and predictions for this years web trends.

Web Site Design Trend # 1
Going Mobile – With the increase of smart phones and tablets, going mobile will be essential. Apple has recently released version 2 of the Ipad, while Motorola has announced a tablet featuring the Android OS. It’s not just a fashion statement, this is real numbers – millions. With the use of CSS3, this will help mobile sites dramatically in the design arena.

Web Site Design Trend # 2
Going Social – Social media is becoming if not already a  part of our day to day activities. Hundreds of millions of people have accounts on social networks including and not limited to; Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, You tube and Myspace. Daily youtube videos receive millions of hits, users of millions of followers on Twitter and so on. Social media should be a part of every web marketing plan. If you aren’t reaching out to your clients via social media, your missing out on one of the largest and most easy to access markets.

Web Site Design Trend #3
CSS3 and HTML5 The standard shifted a few years back to Web 2.0. Many were left in the dust while others capitalized on the change. Don’t let this occur again! Be part of the crowd who jumps on the bandwagon with CSS3 and HTML5. These are the future!

Web Site Design Trend # 4
Going SimpleSimple is better. Remember this phrase. The standards haven’t changed, utilizing easy navigation, appealing color schemes and utilizing shades will go along way.

Web Site Design Trend # 5
Going dimensionalA New trend we see emerging are dimensional layouts. Adding some depth to the designs. This “3d” effect is a hit or miss. I’ve seen some really bad sites attempting to utilize the effect, while others have hit grand slams with it.

Web Site Design Trend # 6
Going LargerEver notice how sites such as Bing, have a large, beautiful image? Well this trend is going to dominate 2011-2012. With the advancement in home cameras, compression and high-speed internet we see more and more designers utilizing this feature. After all, having some eye candy can be good.

Web Site Design Trend # 7
Going away from .comWe see extensions such as .info, .me, .co etc taking a huge leap in sells. Now, Matt Cutts (Google) has released recent video’s and statements stating they will be taking a look at “Spammy domains”.  The king of spammy domains hands down are .info. This may be because they are priced so low. Or are they priced so low because they are known as the spammy extension? Other extensions are becoming more popular. Partially due to the fact that all the .com’s and .net’s for competitive keywords are taken. Keep an eye out for those niche domains utilizing .cm, .co etc. Although .com and .net are the standards, when competition is low start seeing an increase in alternatives.

Web Site Design Trend # 8
Going towards TypographyTypography has always been an issue. Many designers not knowing how or when to use it. This is becoming a huge issue with the advancement in smart phones and tablet usage. We predict a greater use of typography, not only for design but for use of SEO (appropriate header tags etc).

Web Site Design Trend # 9
Going away from flashFlash will never disappear, this we can be honest about. With Apple taking a large chunk of internet users however, other alternative means will be taken. The advancement of HTML5 and CSS3 has us covered! We see a huge move towards these new technologies.

Web Site Design Trend # 10
Go for ContentContent is king. With all the latest ban hammers that Google has released, including the Panda / Farmer update having original and useful content will be a smart idea. We see more web specialist focusing more on content and limiting the amount of duplicate text.