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Top Hospitality Email Marketing Tactics to Try Next

Top Hospitality Email Marketing Tactics to Try Next

On-site amenities and accommodations can certainly elevate a trip to your destination, but they aren’t the only factors that influence a visitor’s experience. In fact, the way you interact with travelers outside of your location can have an even bigger impact. Whether you’re trying to rekindle their passion for travel or are interested in building a better relationship with your audience, here are four hospitality email marketing tactics to try next.    

Spread Word of Mouth 

Although you can easily come up with plenty of reasons why your destination is great, most travelers would rather hear it from their peers. Compile a list of positive reviews and share them with your audience via email. You can find quotable feedback on traditional review sites like TripAdvisor, or you can check around on social media to see what visitors are saying or have said about your location. If you find a positive social media post from someone who’s been to your destination, shoot them an email or a direct message thanking them for their feedback and asking if you can share it with the rest of your audience. 

Check in After Check Out 

Keep the conversation going once the trip is over with a thoughtful follow-up email. Thanking travelers for their visit, you can take full advantage of the opportunity by also tossing a survey at the bottom of your message to get feedback while it’s still fresh. And while you should always offer direct access to your social media channels via links and clickable logos within your emails, this kind of follow-up message provides a unique chance for travelers to actually interact with your profiles. In your follow-up email, ask travelers to post their photos and tag your destination or share their content directly with you via social media. 

Plug Your Own Content 

If you want to spice your emails up with more content, do it with your content. Lead into your brand’s latest blog posts or share original video content that users can interact with inside your email or on your website. Videos, in particular, are a strong addition to incorporate in emails, because you can use them to inform, entertain, and engage all at once. Even just using the word “video” in your subject line can elevate the rate at which travelers open your emails by 6%. If you’re not sure which type of content to include, consider videos that feature: 

  • Destination tours 
  • Behind-the-scenes sneak peaks 
  • Employee interviews 
  • Company updates 

Find Reasons to Celebrate 

Holidays and anniversaries present unique opportunities to offer discount codes, specials, and time-sensitive deals to your email list. From your email recipients’ birthdays to your own destination’s birthday, you should consistently be on the lookout for special occasions. For larger holidays, start your campaigns early and gear travelers up for a visit with multiple reminder emails and limited time offers. And for smaller occasions, consider sending out weekend deals or discount codes to make every event feel worthy of its own trip. 

Elevate Your Email Game 

Whether you’ve run out of ideas for your next email campaign or want to stay a step ahead of the latest email trends in the hospitality industry, WSOA has creative and data-backed tactics to help. Our team of email marketing specialists can design and deliver responsive, engaging emails and test them to see what’s really working for your destination. With continual progress reports, you’ll see exactly how well your campaigns are coming along every step of the way. To learn more about our email and other digital marketing services, contact us today.