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Top Reasons Why Your Business Should be Running Facebook Ads

It wasn’t long ago when most of us perceived Facebook as just another place for young kids to talk to each other. However in recent years Facebook has become one of the best online advertising platforms available. This is especially true for local businesses looking to target specific demographics with particular interests.

Facebook enables a business to run budget-friendly ads that don’t just result in more sales, they increase brand awareness and have the potential to boost the value of your Facebook company page. There are very few advertising opportunities that help businesses get their name in front of a target audience like Facebook offers through its ads. Other advantages of running Facebook ads include:

  • Targeted Reach – Facebook allows you to create geo-target ads that help you reach customers strictly in your area. They also enable you to focus on specific keywords within profiles so you can target customers that have an interest in your business. In case that’s not enough, Facebook also gives you the opportunity to create ads that will only be seen by certain audiences based on age, gender, interests, job titles, app use, language, relationship status, and more.
  • Visualize Audience – As you create a Facebook ad you’re able to see how many people are likely to see it. This significantly helps you determine who you should target.
  • Snowball Effect – There is a snowball effect from Facebook ads: when someone likes your company page through an ad, it populates on all of their friends’ news feeds. People tend to trust recommendations from friends and this is a big advantage of Facebook ads.
  • Use of Images – Facebook gives you the option of selecting an eye-catching image to accompany your ad. People are typically more likely to be attracted to images than plain text.


At this point you might be asking yourself if you should stop running PPC ads through Google Adwords and switch to running Facebook ads but the answer is absolutely not. Many businesses have found both to be beneficial and a combination may be the best approach.

Research suggests that PPC ads on Google convert better than Facebook ads, but Google ads are a lot more expensive. Facebook ads are cheap and although the conversion rate is smaller, it’s often worth it to run the ads.