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Twitter Brings Back the Option of a Chronological Feed

Social media is an ever-changing landscape of updates and algorithm changes, and one topic that has been the subject of much debate is the ordering of news feeds. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all adopted news feeds that order results based on algorithms that are designed to show a specific user things that are relevant to their interests first, rather than being ordered chronologically from newest to oldest.

While a great concept, this relevance-based ordering has come under fire from a huge number of users around the world who want their simpler, chronological feed back. Well, Twitter has answered those calls.

Twitter’s “show best tweets first” setting is being replaced with the option to switch between a chronological order and an algorithmically-ordered feed.

The update is set to roll out in coming weeks.

Until the option to switch between both types of feeds becomes available, Twitter is altering how it’s “show best tweets first” setting works. When turned off, Twitter will stop showing users the “in case you missed it” area as well as tweets from people that user does not follow.

Keep in mind, there are a number of third-party apps available that can order your Twitter feed in true chronological order with no unwanted tweets displayed in the news feed. As a note, Twitter recently began limiting the number of features available to third-party app developers.

How do you feel about the shift back to a chronologically-formatted news feed?

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