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Using Surveys for Developing Content Marking Strategies

Matching your content with your audience is key to developing a strong following which actually engages with your company. Only producing content that you like is a really common mistake that many companies make. You might get lucky sometimes, but chances are you aren’t converting as well as you’d like.

That’s because successful content marketing is more of a dialogue than a lecture. You can’t just post whatever is interesting to you and leave it at that. It’s not just about posting content: it’s about posting the right content. Knowing your audience’s needs and interests is absolutely critical to developing a fruitful marketing plan. 

That’s where surveys come in. Here are some ways in which surveys could help you hone down your content perfectly for your audience.

  • Learn about your company’s perception. You don’t have the right eyes to see how others view your company – you are too close to it. A survey let’s you see through the consumer’s eyes to give you a fresh look at your reputation, so you can tweak your content accordingly.
  • Engage directly with your audience. How else would you know what people want? Sure, you could look at engagement data like new follows, shares, and likes, but there’s no better way to get inside your customer’s head than to ask them what they want.
  • Discover how effective/informative a customer thinks your content is. If your following doesn’t think your content is helpful, then it is virtually useless. Find out where you are going wrong – is there too much information? Is there not enough? Is it too hard to understand? Is it too distracting? These targeted questions will give you clear answers so you can adjust.
  • Understand what your company does better than your competitors. You might think that you should focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths, but this isn’t always true. Knowing what your customer’s love about you gives you a leg up on your competition. Create content showcasing your strengths, since it gives potential consumers great reasons to choose you.

Now, a poorly-constructed survey won’t give you all this information. You need to ask simple, clear questions with exhaustive options in order to get accurate responses. Don’t ask yes or no questions like “Do you like our content?” since it doesn’t tell you much. Instead, ask things like, “Has our content led you to purchase our products or services in the past year?” so you can actually quantify the responses.

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