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Voice Searches and SEO

Voice Searches and SEOIn the past year, voice searches have seen a boom in popularity. While the exact number is hard to determine, Google says that it is somewhere between 20-25% of all mobile searches. This is closely connected to the rise of home assistant devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, coupled with more accurate voice recognition by the mobile assistants Siri and Cortana.

Search engine optimization (SEO) writers will have to pay close attention to how these devices answer questions with voice search so that they do not miss out on a rapidly increasing percentage of mobile inquiries.

Featured Snippets

The primary way that these home assistants respond to questions is with featured snippets. These are the results which often appear above the normal results listing, often in the form of a short paragraph or table which directly answers the question.

Google chooses a featured snippet based on its relevance to the question, quality of information, clarity of explanation, and possibly also the quality of the overall page from which the snippet is drawn.

What This Means

Featured snippets can be a great way to jump up the rankings list. For example, if your page is currently ranking sixth on the results page, it can take far more work to get it all the way up to the first spot than to get a featured snippet. Since voice searches bring up the snippet instead of the first result anyway, landing one can drastically increase the traffic on your site.

Writing for featured snippets can also improve the overall quality of the content on your page, since you must write clearly and with focus on the whole page to give yourself the best chance. It is a great way to keep your SEO writing purposeful and helpful to those who are looking at the page.

Google is getting better at rewarding well-developed pages that clearly answer a question. If you want to increase your chances of ranking organically and appearing at the top of search results, seek help from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts at Web Solutions of America. Contact us today and speak to an online marketing professional about your digital marketing options and receive a free quote and consultation.