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What Businesses Need to Know About Facebook’s News Feed Updates

Facebook Newsfeed UpdatesFacebook recently announced new changes to the News Feed promising more meaningful content, which is great! But the latest features also include a decrease in the amount of public content that users will see from businesses, brands, and media. While this new algorithm won’t be the death of your social presence, it will invoke a necessary change to your approach.

Invoking Meaningful Conversation

What exactly counts as meaningful conversation? Well, in his announcement earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg talks about Facebook users feeling impeded by the media noise present on their news feeds. Because the site’s goal is to foster and grow connections between friends and family, it makes sense that they want to emphasize things that actually provoke conversation over the passive scrolling and unengaged viewing that users currently do with marketing content.

According to the latest features, content that receives long comments will be weighted more positively and rank better by the algorithm than short comments- which will rank better than likes and reactions. In the past, businesses may have used engagement-bait tactics to boost their posts’ engagement level and gain a higher rank with more reach. However, the changes made to the algorithm will be demoting these tactics, especially react-bating, share-baiting, and vote-baiting. The news outlets will be heavily affected by this algorithm as well, allowing the users that are sharing and talking about news stories to be the agenda-setters rather than the outlets themselves.

Increased Ad Price

The leaders at Facebook predict this new update will decrease the amount of time users spend on Facebook but provide more quality interactions. With less time spent on the site, there is less opportunity for potential consumers to view your ads. Because of this, it’s quite probable that Facebook Ad costs will change. The Ad system is separate from the news feed algorithm, so it won’t be affected by ranking, but it may be more expensive, and you’ll probably have to purchase more of it due to the suffering of your organic reach. One way you can help combat this is by showing your followers how to become a see-first fan of your page and creating original content that engages them.

Reach Estimates

For the time being, Facebook is removing reach estimates for newly created or edited custom audiences as they discovered a potential issue in the use of these features. The good news is that the lack of this feature won’t affect your page much. Your company will still be able to create and use these audiences, you just won’t see the estimates when initializing your campaign planning. Once they have figured out a solution, they plan to re-start the use of these estimates.

With the major changes going on in the social media world, it might be a bit confusing to try and gain or maintain your following. You know you want to build a positive social presence, but you don’t know how. At Web Solutions of America, we offer many services from web development to content optimization for your company. If you have questions or want to build a better online and social media presence, give us a call at 407-636-4233 or fill out a form online.