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What you Need to Know About Google AdWords New Interface

New Google AdWords This year, like every year it seems, Google has decided to implement a few changes to their software. The focus for 2018 is on Google AdWords and its User Interface (UI). While you can still use the old UI, toward the end of 2018, it will make a permanent switch over to the more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing design.

This complete overhaul of the UI will definitely prove challenging for some, as it will look like a completely different site. Fortunately, we are in a transition period now, so you can play around with the new UI but still be able to fall back into the old one if you get lost. Get started learning the new UI as quickly as possible. You’ll want to be adapted by the time the switch happens, so as to not slow down the productivity of your ad campaigns.

The good news is that the new AdWords UI is based on a few principles that should ultimately help you make campaigns faster and adjust them more efficiently.

  • Data will be easier to find, making it quicker to take action. Alerts on the dashboard show the changes between previous and current performance data to help you make adjustments.
  • It should be easier to optimize campaigns that are based on your businesses needs and goals. A few new features will aid in this. For instance, Audience Manager will allow you to target people who have engaged with your business in some way already.
  • The new dashboard has a sleek, visual design that will be directed towards highlighting the items you use most often. Those features you don’t use will be tucked away and can be pulled out if you ever need them.

In addition to the new design, Google is rolling out a slew of new features including:

  • Life Events Targeting
  • Audience Manager (in-market audience targeting)
  • AMP Ads
  • Landing Page Reports
  • Google Attribution
  • Ad Suggestions
  • Ad Variations
  • And more

We predict the new AdWords experience is going to be great for online marketing. Unfortunately, some things are still going to take getting used to. The combination of new features, as well as a new design, might make it difficult for long-time users. However, the permanent switch won’t happen until the end of the year, which means you’ve got plenty of time to learn the new UI! Due to the sheer number of changes though, we suggest starting now.

You have plenty to worry about when it comes to your business and shouldn’t have to be afraid of how the interface change will affect you. As a Google Premier Partner, we have the knowledge and expertise with Google to get you more targeted leads, as well as advanced access to Beta programs that may enhance your campaigns. Allow us to help guide you through the AdWords transition and increase your bottom line with strategic marketing initiatives. Give us a call today at 407-636-4233 to learn how our services can help you achieve your goals.