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What You Need to Know About Google “Buy” Buttons

Buy ButtonsThe Internet is buzzing this week thanks to an article published by The Wall Street Journal claiming that we could be seeing “Buy” buttons on certain mobile search ads in as little as a few weeks.

This is big news as it takes Google from simply the resource that leads the customer to the merchant website to make a sale, to the facilitator of the sale.

According to the article, when a user clicks the “Buy” button, they’ll be taken to a new landing page within Google where they can customize their purchase with size, color, etc. and finish the order.

There’s Some Hesitation

The obvious downers on this plan are sites like Amazon and Ebay. Unlike these sites, merchants would not pay a fee for hosting their product on the site because they’d still technically be selling it on their own site, via a mobile ad from Google. Google will simply continue to charge per ad click.

This could lead to a marked shift in the way small businesses sell their items. Where before it made much more sense to sell it on a large, well-known platform like Amazon, these “Buy” ads could give smaller businesses a way to sell to a large audience right from their website.

Small businesses aren’t the only target, though. In fact, they may not even be the main goal. It’s rumored that Macy’s is going to be one of the first retailers to try out the new service.

This marks yet another milestone Google is trying to surpass, leading it to become more and more of a one-stop shop. The search engine giant has made several changes over the past couple years that help users stay on the site, rather than leave it once they’ve found the search query for which they were looking.

You can look up movie times, measurement conversions, and most recently food delivery and appointment-booking all within the site. “Buy” buttons seem to be a logical next step and a quite handy way for Google to learn more and more about our online habits.