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Where Do I Start With Social Media?

With over 322 social networking web sites, according to the Wikipedia and not including blogs or forums, social media can be very overwhelming at first. If you’re a business just starting out in the social world you’re probably wondering where to start, and how it’s really possible to manage all of these social networking sites, especially for a smaller locally owned company with only a handful of employees. Many businesses will have their eyes set on reaching a large number of fans within the first year but the first couple of months can be a tough ordeal sometimes making that newly created Facebook fan page seem like that friend that no one wants to talk to or a deserted island that no one can find even in a socializing world of 600 million users and counting. To help build a brand up to be front and center of its customers in the social media world here are a few key steps to focus on.


People are communicating and talking about brands, products, and services all the time on these social networking sites and with or without a company page presence. The first step in tapping into these social networks is finding out which social site a company’s target demographic is most currently present and active in. Even though Facebook or Twitter may be the big boy’s of social media there are tons of forums or niche sites that can benefit a company way better. Find out where customers are chatting and within the network will lay a pot of gold containing real time valuable information.


Start out small with one or two social networks. Customers are looking to not only find more information about a company but also want to interact with them as well. Companies that are actively interacting with their customers through these social networking sites are building valuable relationships with their customers.

Guide the conversation

Post a list of rules or “about” information to let fans know what the page is all about. This will keep the newsfeed on target and not like a spammed forum that contains nothing but useless information.


Post exciting, informative, and interactive content to give fans something they couldn’t have gotten elsewhere. When fans leave a comment on the wall say something back and let them know they are important.  Creating these one on one interactions will not only help create more sales but will also build brand reputation and drive new views to want to be a part of the community and click that like button.

Set goals

This is by far one of the most important steps in creating a social media presence. Without goals or even a main strategy how will ROI be predicted? Set a few realistic goals to get started and create more as the social media presences builds.