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Where to Focus Your Restaurant's Content Marketing

Where to Focus Your Restaurant’s Content Marketing

When circumstances change, your restaurant has to adapt. Whether it’s offering takeout, curbside pickup, or online orders, your location will do whatever it takes to accommodate customers’ needs and wants — and so should your content marketing. If you’re wondering how to stretch your marketing budget for all it’s worth, check out the trendiest places to put your money. 

Creating Relevant, Detailed Blogs 

You’ve been hearing about blogs for a while, but that doesn’t mean they’re outdated. Relevant, educational blogs help you build the reputation you want. Consider using your blog page as a place to share insight on trending food topics, relevant updates to your business, and highlighted recipes that your patrons can try at home. Over time, each post adds to your restaurant’s brand identity and search engine results. The best practices for blogging, however, are changing. 

In 2020, users want to see long-form, thoughtful blog posts enriched with images and infographics that layer extra value. Once you’ve optimized your content to your users’ liking, optimize it for their search engine’s liking. Focus on choosing keywords that correspond with your blog topic and resist the urge to reach for ones that might be too difficult to rank for. Instead, aim for keywords with a ranking difficulty that best matches your current domain authority.   

Producing Informative Videos

Video is a growing medium that more and more users are interacting with each day. And it turns out that blog content also makes great video content. While you could write a blog, post it, and be done with it, you could also repurpose your blog into a video and make an even bigger return on your content marketing investment.

Additionally, creating original video content can help you provide an insight into your company, its mission, and its values. Make videos that share your restaurant’s goals, your commitment to ethically sourcing ingredients, or walkthrough recipe tutorials that give patrons a look behind the scenes. Once you’ve produced a video, share it across your social media pages or on your website to create incoming traffic and increased engagement.  

Sharing and Spreading the Word 

Users are more interested in long-form, detailed content, but they still want an occasional serving of quick consumption. Pull images or key pieces of content from your blogs and videos and turn them into infographics for social media. For example, you could take a video tutorial on how to make one of your most popular menu items and turn it into a recipe card to post on a social platform. 

Social media is a great place to post new content, and it’s also a great place to share existing content. Upload marketing videos straight to channels like Facebook and Twitter or share your blog content on social media to direct users to your website — where they can reserve a table, place an online order, or find your phone number and order takeout. 

Content Prepared to Your Liking 

The right content marketing partner is just as flexible as you are. At WSOA, we’re dedicated to providing results for our clients in the food and beverage industry, which means we’ll help you design a content marketing package that fits your budget and furthers your business. To talk more about a content marketing strategy prepared just for your restaurant, contact us today.